Clementine's is a provider of Victorian made Fine Food & Gifts and was established by Melanie Ashe in November 2011.

When asked why she opened Clementine's, many reasons emerged.

As a frequent visitor to Victoria’s farm gates, markets and small country produce stores she was well aware of the quality, creativity and deliciousness available to us all if we were prepared to look. Accessibility in the city was a problem though as there was very little outlet for these small producers and anyway they were too busy harvesting, farming and all too often dealing with nature’s idiosyncratic moods from season to season to worry about marketing their produce to the city. So a seasonal country trip was always required to purchase favourite foodstuffs.

As a Melbourne city resident Melanie also found food choices outside the hours of Queen Vic Market & South Melbourne Market quite limited. The final decision to open Clementine’s though came about after a trip to Paris, France where she tried to purchase genuine French gifts & souvenirs to take back home to Australia. Although France has a highly admirable local food market system, the search to buy French made gifts proved largely fruitless as so many stores stocked only French “looking” gifts made in China, Taiwan and other global manufacturing countries. It occurred to her that visitors to Australia would encounter the same problem and find it difficult to source Australian made gifts in our cities.

The choice to stock only Victorian made produce and products further ensured the idea of bringing locally made to Melbourne with an aim to help revitalise both our local & regional market in Fine Food & Gifts.

Clementine’s will continue to seek out quality produce and products and will have an ever changing stock list partly due to the seasonality and small production levels of many of it’s ongoing suppliers and partly due to the fact that there is so much more of Victoria and it’s producers to explore.

What type of produce and products does Clementine’s stock?

Clementine’s food stocks include local preserves, jams, sauces (both sweet & savoury), marmalades, nuts, gluten free food, pesto, juices, honey, tea, pasta sauces, olive oils, salad dressing, herbs & spices, curries, biscuits, chocolate, meringues, mineral waters & dried fruits.

Clementine’s also stocks quality ceramic kitchen ware (both stoneware and porcelain), designer homewares , aprons and tea towels, lighting options, keepsakes, souvenirs, wooden utensils and chopping boards, soaps, candles, travel rugs and shawls, soft toys, baby bibs and blankets, wall plaques and much more.