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Natural Body Mist by Dindi Naturals.  These aroma-therapeutic body mist sprays are a fantastic natural alternative to common synthetic sprays. Say goodbye to constant headaches and unnatural fragrances, Dindi body mists are made from a base of natural plant hydrosols and their own signature blends of pure essential oils.


Dindi Naturals Body Mists come in a100ml spray bottle and are available in 3 blends, Calm, Focus & Sleep.


Dindi Naturals products are made right here in Victoria, Australia.

Body Mist Spray

  • Dindi Naturals Body Mist Spray is available in 3 blends.

    Calm: This soothing and calming blend of pure essential oils has been developed to help relax the mind and aid the release of stress and nervous tension. Containing a blend of aroma-therapeutic essential oils including lavender, Australian sandalwood, valerian and rosalina, this body mist is a must have when you need to relax and unwind (and it smells wonderful too!)  Ingredients: Australian sandalwood hydrosol, pure essential oils of lavender, rosalina, Australian sandalwood, mandarin, cardamom, rose geranium, patchouli, frankincense, lavandin grosso, holy basil and valerian, safflower oleosomes, radish root ferment filtrate.

    Focus: This blend of invigorating, pure essential oils has been developed to help focus the mind and assist with memory and concentration. Focus body mist contains wonderfully fresh smelling rosemary, lemon and black pepper essential oils, all great for stimulating and boosting brain power! Scientific studies have shown that inhaling rosemary essential oil increases the chances of remembering to do things in the future by 60-75%, compared with people who have not been exposed to the oil. Other studies have shown the oil increases alertness and enhances long-term memory.
    Ingredients: Australian sandalwood hydrosol, pure essential oils of rosemary, lemon, honey myrtle, clary sage, cypress and black pepper, decyl glucoside.

    Sleep: For thousands of years plants have been sought after for their healing, spiritual and therapeutic properties. Recent scientific studies have shown that lavender and chamomile essential oils aids relaxation, encourages sleep and can reduce stress and anxiety. Our unique blend of natural, concentrated pure essential oils may calm your mood and promote a general feeling of well-being. Ingredients: lavender hydrosol, pure essential oils of lavender and chamomile, safflower oleosomes, radish root ferment filtrate

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