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Robust linen wash cloth can be used for dishes & kitchen cleanup.

Handmade from long lasting 100% linen. 30cm square.

Available in 3 Colours.

Reusable Linen Dish Cloth

  • Our Pure Linen Dish Cloths get better the more they are used.

    If you have not used linen dish cloths before here are a few things for you to know.

    Warm machine wash before use.

    Note that your dish cloth will shrink substantially, this is normal and allows the weave  to create an absorbent thicker cloth over time. Your first few uses will seem a bit stiff but over a few washes you will see it become more pliable and absorbent.  Get in the habit of firmly hand wringing the dishcloth and rinse well after use.  Don’t worry, your dish cloth can handle rough use and is up for the task.  Always hang up to dry between uses.

    Air Dry or Warm Tumble Dry.

    Linen is plant based and does not like over drying as it will become brittle with time.  Always air dry out of direct sunlight or warm tumble dry to help soften with age.

    Rotate Regularly

    It is worth purchasing a few Reusable Linen Dish Cloths and change after a few days use.  This keeps your dish cloths hygienic and regular washing keeps cooking smells at bay.


    Your Linen Dishcloth will have a long life but when it comes to its end, cut it up and put in your compost.  (Note the stitching is robust polycotton, remove before composting.)


  • Phileas Black was established in 2011 and is based in the old rag trade area of Flinders Quarter, Melbourne.  Sustainability and reusing old practices and items to create functional product for the modern age is the main goal of the Phileas Black Studio.

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