Pleated Reusable Cloth Face Masks by Phileas Black are available in 3 sizes, Medium, Large & Extra large (for beardy faces).  Our reusable cloth face masks have 3 cotton layers and are reversible (2 designs).  Machine washable with easy stretch elastic straps. 


Made right here in Flinders Quarter, Melbourne, Australia.


Please note: these masks are NOT medical masks and during Covid-19 are to be used in conjunction with advice by the Victorian Chief Health Officer.

Face Mask Reusable Cloth Pleated

  • Faces shapes are very unique and a good fit of your face mask is important.  Your face mask should fit snugly to do it's job properly.  Take one simple measurement from the back of one ear, across the tip of your nose and across to the back of the other ear.  If you find that your measurement is outside the range of approx recommendation please contact us for a custom fit or alternative strap ties.