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Natural Reed Room Diffusers by Dindi Naturals. 100% natural with no nasty synthetic fragrances or chemicals. Dindi reed diffuser oils are made from concentrated, pure essential plant oils blended with extra-virgin olive oil – it simply can’t get more natural! Aromas have the ability to lift our moods as they gently waft through a room. To increase the intensity of scents simply flip the reed sticks regularly and coat well in the oil blend. These reed diffusers will continually provide scent for 6 months.  Kits contain 1 bottle (140ml) of oil and 8 rattan reed sticks.


Dindi Naturals Reed Room Diffusers are available in 3 blends, Calm Flower, Wild Rose & Fresh Australia.


Dindi Naturals products are made right here in Victoria, Australia.

Room Diffuser

  • Dindi Naturals Reed Room Diffusers are available in 3 blends.

    Calm Flower - Ingredients: olive oil, essential oils of geranium, lavender, lemongrass.

    Wild Rose - Ingredients: olive oil, essential oils of rosalina, patchouli and rose geranium.

    Fresh Australia - Ingredients: olive oil, essential oils of lemon myrtle, lavender, eucalyptus blue, Spanish sage, rosalina and kunzea.

  • Dindi Naturals luxurious skincare and body products are carefully blended in their solar-powered boutique factory located amidst the pristine, mountainous region of Murrindindi Shire, Victoria. Their products are produced in small batches, by hand, by their highly trained team. Dindi Naturals use only the highest quality, bio-active, palm oil free and cruelty free ingredients that are gentle on both the earth and you.

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