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Natural Room Mist by Dindi Naturals.  These aroma-therapeutic room mist sprays are a fantastic natural alternative to common synthetic room sprays and air fresheners. Say goodbye to constant headaches and unnatural fragrances, Dindi room mists are made from a base of natural plant hydrosols and their own signature blends of pure essential oils.


Dindi Naturals Room Mists come in a 250ml spray bottle and are available in 3 blends, Calm Flower, Bush Lemon & Fresh Australia.


Dindi Naturals products are made right here in Victoria, Australia.

Room Mist Spray

  • Dindi Naturals Room Mist is available in 3 blends.

    Calm Flower - is a gentle, feminine floral. The powdery sweetness of geranium blends beautifully with lavender and a hint of lemongrass adds a touch of spiciness.  Ingredients: lavender hydrosol*, purified water, pure essential oils of geranium, lavender and lemongrass, castile soap (*organic)

    Bush Lemon - has a fresh, natural lemon eucalyptus scent, reminiscent of the fresh clean scents of the Australian bush after summer rain.  Ingredients: lemon tea tree hydrosol, purified water, pure essential oils of lemon tea tree, white cypress, honey myrtle + lemon eucalyptus, castile soap.

    Fresh Australia - a stimulating and refreshing blend with a sweet lemon twist to cleanse and purify.  Ingredients: lemon tea tree hydrosol, purified water, pure essential oils of lemon myrtle, rosalina, eucalyptus blue and kunzea, castile soap.

  • Dindi Naturals luxurious skincare and body products are carefully blended in their solar-powered boutique factory located amidst the pristine, mountainous region of Murrindindi Shire, Victoria. Their products are produced in small batches, by hand, by their highly trained team. Dindi Naturals use only the highest quality, bio-active, palm oil free and cruelty free ingredients that are gentle on both the earth and you.

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