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Melbourne City Rooftop Honey

Melbourne City Rooftop Honey is a remarkable story of bees, honey, rooftops, environmental concerns and very strange white spacesuits. The concept of Rooftop Honey has captured the imagination of both Melbourne's visitors and dwellers alike.

Vanessa Kwiatkowski and Mat Lumalasi are the founders of a unique project that aims to bring bees back to our cities. Concerned by a growing sense of disconnection between food production and consumption and inspired by hundred year old practices in Europe, Vanessa and Mat have created something uniquely Melbourne in their project ‘Melbourne City Rooftop Honey’.

This project not only seeks to address issues of sustainability, it also aims to raise awareness of the importance of bees whilst creating delicious honey. By placing hives on the roof spaces of cafés, restaurants, hotels and individual's gardens in and around Melbourne Vanessa and Mat have reduced the distance from production to plate to mere metres.

Mat and Vanessa both have IT and Project Management backgrounds, they perhaps would not be considered your 'usual suspects' though with a love of all things nature, what once was a extension of vegetable gardening has now become a full time passion for them.

To learn more about their vision, visit

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