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We’re pretty passionate about supporting small businesses and providing locally made products and produce to our community in the heart of Melbourne City.

Don’t get us wrong, we love & appreciate good quality & well designed items from around the world but decided to dedicate our store to Australian made and specialise in products and produce made in our state of Victoria.

It was a trip to France in 2011 by founder Melanie Ashe & her family that saw the kernel of this idea come to fruition.  France has a very high regard for it’s artisan makers and producers however when leaving to go home via Paris it was very hard to find any of those wonderful keepsakes that we had seen in the villages and small townships, in the city’s stores.  Everything seemed to be made in another country.  Crazy, no? It was then that the realisation struck that, at the time Melbourne was exactly the same.  It might have Australian themed goods but more often than not, they were actually made elsewhere.  It was time to rebalance that situation and so Clementine’s was established in 2011 on our iconic & much loved Degraves Street in Melbourne City.

We currently stock and showcase products from well over 80 small businesses within Victoria and a few more Australia wide.  You now have more choice when shopping to have something uniquely Australian and support more local small businesses all at the same time.  A bit of a win all round we say.

So, come and see what our wonderful state can provide.  We look forward to meeting you.

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