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Exploring the Grampians Region

Updated: May 24, 2020

We recently revisited a favourite childhood region of Victoria. The Grampians Region is a truly spectacular area full of quality food producers, wineries and stunning scenery.

The golden canola fields in spring are picture pretty, native flora abounds and the Grampians or Geriwerd are a truly majestic wall of jagged mountains holding a magnetic appeal that is second to none in Victoria.  Bushwalking and hiking are a strong reason to visit but exploring some of the smaller towns in the area can uncover surprising experiences.  Some towns are busted and broken with a melancholic feel of days gone by, others are homely with a solid & honest country charm and some are in an exciting phase of growth and renewal.

The small town of Dunkeld is well known as the home of the Royal Mail Hotel, a champion of all things local and a 3 chef hat award winning restaurant and accommodation centre which is a beautiful destination in itself.  However Dunkeld also has a lovely charm and peaceful elegance in its own right.  This will be a town to watch and revisit as it evolves into a vibrant community and shows signs of developing into a key tourist destination in this beautiful part of Victoria.

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