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Long Lane Capers of Mansfield

I find the diversity of growers in Victoria continually amazes me. A great find out of Mansfield, Victoria recently is Rowena & Mick Ellis’ Long Lane Capers.

Rowena & Mick moved from Melbourne to Mansfield in 2005 and established Long Lane Capers in 2007 as an adjunct to their beef business.  After trialing a number of different caper plant varieties, they discovered the “Eureka” variety best suited the Mansfield climate and have spent the last few years learning about this unique Mediterranean plant.

With a strong commitment to providing locally grown and chemical free capers, Rowena and Mick take great pride in being able to deliver their first product of Long Lane Salted Caper Buds to market.  Future products are expected to include caper berries and caper salt.  I expect these will be available to Clementine’s customers in 2013.

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