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Ranch Hand Spice Blends & Hot Sauces

Born in a small town in Missouri and spending much of his adult life involved in Mid West, Southern US & Mexican cuisine, Cliff Wilmsmeyer moved with his family to Melbourne four years ago. Spice Crate was born from a passion to create authentic spice blends, rubs and salsas inspired by his Mid West & Deep South heritage using locally grown fresh ingredients.

In Cliff’s own words, “I've been connected with family farming since birth.  I grew up on corn bread, beans & ham hocks, putting up preserves every year with my grandparents in a 100 year old farmhouse kitchen with a wood burning stove.” Moving around various neighbourhoods of St Louis in his early teens, cooking in a Mexican kitchen and later living in Texas with its mix of cultures enhanced his knowledge and solidified his love for 'low n slow' beef bbq.  After falling in love with a beautiful Melbourne girl, the couple lived a further 10 years in Memphis learning the cuisines of the Deep South. Thankfully after moving to Melbourne, they set up kitchen and created Spice Crate Spice Blends, Dry Rubs and Ranch Hand Salsa’s for us all to enjoy.  The attention they give to the little things like using fresh local ingredients, carefully hand toasting onions, fire roasting chilies & tomatillo’s and not taking any shortcuts, has created a unique and satisfying range of products. Visit the Spice Crate Website for a generous supply of recipes and hints and tips on using the Spice Blends & Rubs to create authentic Southern, Creole & Mexican dishes.

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