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Luxury Alpaca Socks by Humphrey Law Socks. An exceptionally warm luxury sock made with a blend of alpaca and wool. Alpaca fibre is soft, supple and smooth and contains microscopic air pockets which act as insulators keeping in the warmth provided by the wool. A Health Sock® with no tight elastic top but note as alpaca is a luxury fibre these socks are not recommended for high abrasion use such as work boots.


Available in seven colours and two sizes.

Small (Ladies Shoe Size AUS 3-8/Euro 35-41) or (Mens Shoe Size AUS 4.5-7/Euro 35-41)

Medium (Ladies Shoe Size AUS 8-11/Euro 42-45) or (Mens Shoe Size AUS 7-10/Euro 35-41)


Made right here in Victoria, Australia.

Socks Luxury Alpaca

  • Contents: 60% Alpaca, 20% Wool, 17% Nylon, 3% Lycra.

  • Humphrey Law - The Sock Specialist

    From the beginning, the aim of Humphrey Law & Co Pty Ltd was to provide quality and value for money. This has not changed. Today’s Humphrey Law socks are carefully made with the finest natural yarns - predominantly wool and cotton - and sold at realistic and competitive prices.

    In 1989 Humphrey Law trademarked The Health Sock® made without a tight elastic top which does not restrict circulation yet does not slip down into the shoe.  Other manufacturers now label some of their products as health socks but they are poor attempts to reproduce the Humphrey Law Health Sock® which is made only with healthy natural fibres, and to exacting technical requirements producing graduated knitting from the foot upwards allowing the sock to “hug” the lower leg.

    Humphrey Law continues to make socks wholly in Australia.  That way, they can ensure their quality in a way that is simply not possible for importers whose manufacturing is distant from them.  More importantly Humphrey Law provides employment for Australians and keeps some manufacturing capacity in Australia.

    Humphrey Law is the Sock Specialist – they make only socks.  By concentrating and producing one thing very well they continue to produce the very best socks possible.

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