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Long Lane Capers

Long Lane Capers are grown out of Mansfield, Victoria and are salted in the traditional manner. The taste of these little bombs is quite extraordinary and satisfying.

Being a salted caper, rather than being pickled in brine, gives you that gorgeous sensation of the bud “popping” in your mouth followed by a burst of intense flavour.  Make sure that you soak the Capers to remove the salt prior to using (although I have been known to eat them directly out of the jar, salt and all).  Long Lane Capers are available now at Clementine’s.

Harvesting Capers is a long and intensive season spread over a good few months to pick the buds at exactly the right time.  It surprised me to learn that both Capers (or Caper Buds) and Caper Berries are in fact from the same plant.  The Caper is simply the bud of the flower and if left to grow, it will flower and then become the fruit of the plant commonly known as Caper Berries.

Rowena from Long Lane Capers will be producing both Caper Berries and Caper Salt in the 2013 season.  The Caper Berries are almost ready to be packaged and should be available at the end of April 2013.

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