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Ranch Hand Salsa by Spice Crate

The Ranch Hand Salsa range is now in store at Clementine’s. Each style has its own carefully thought out flavours and the use of Mid-West, Southern & Mexican know-how along with the best ingredients Victoria has to offer ensures a very flavoursome and satisfying product.

Ranch Hand Salsa is the brain child of Cliff Wilmsmeyer of Spice Crate and includes such mixes as Red Wine Picante Salsa, Cerveza Negra Salsa (yep, that means dark beer, in fact a Victorian boutique Stout!) and our current favourite Fire Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde. Not only that, but the range also includes Pickled Jalapeno Peppers!  Those who are aware of my hunt for all things pickled and preserved, will know that a good pickled vege selection is proving particularly hard to come by. It was very pleasing to find these little babies. Tastings will be held very shortly in store so follow on twitter instagram to get the latest on having a try of Ranch Hand Salsa’s by Spice Crate. (By the way, still looking for locally made Pickled Vegetables & Cornichons, just putting it out there!)

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